Friday, February 29, 2008

Wheelings and Dealings

It's the first day of NFL free agency, and things are getting done at a dizzying pace. First and foremost, things that concern us directly: The Cowboys are sending Nose Tackle Jason Ferguson, who played barely enough snaps to count on one hand throughout last year, has been dealt to Tuna. The Dolphins will trade sixth round selections with us this year and give us their 6th round selection in 2009. I don't like this deal; Ferg is a very solid nose tackle who fills a void nobody else on the roster can (He's really, really fat and plays defense). Tank Johnson can try playing NT, but the results will probably be pretty mixed. I'm not putting down Tank, who I am a fan of, but It's not an optimal situation for him. We didn't get much here other than salar relief, and Bill specializs in finding good players late in the draft. I don't think he cares much about dropping his sixth round selection twenty-seven slots.

The Browns reached a long-term agreement with Derek Andersen. This was the right decision; when you have a good QB, you lock him up. Supposedly, he gets 3 years and 20 million dollars. That's a pretty reasonable rate for a top 10 QB. I see Anderson as a Marc Bulger-type; he's got a lot of nice pieces around him and knows how to use them. He won't dazzle you, but he gets the job done.

The leading candidate for most perplexing move in sports since Juwan Howard got maxed out: Who here has heard of Tommy Kelly? He's a 27 year old Defensive Tackle on the Raiders. Kelly was an undrafted free agent who's played for four years and registered 13 sacks. He played all of seven games last year, and in fact will be coming off of reconstructive knee surgery. How much is this man worth?
Apparently, Al Davis thinks It's something in the tune of... oh, 7 years and 50 million?
That's not a typo, people. An unspectacular defensive tackle with an average track record coming off knee surgery just got paid more than the combined lifetime salary for everyone who will ever read this post. The Raiders are just silly.

The Packers slapped the franchise tag on Corey Williams a week ago, and now they've sent the defensive tackle to Cleveland for a second round pick. The Browns can completely skip out on Saturday of the draft, as they've dealt both of their first-day picks to the two best teams in the NFC. Williams is a really good player, he piled up 51 tackles and 7 sacks last year. Supposedly, he's going to agree to his own lucrative deal. Advice: Talk to Tommy Kelly's agent.

In other news... Teddy Bruschi got re-signed, Jonathan Vilma will probably be dealt to New Orleans, Asante Samuel may sign with Philly, Javon Walker is being linked with the Bovine Brethren in rumors (A trade won't happen, but don't rule out a signing once he doesn't need to get paid 8 mil+), Isaac Bruce got released (No, thanks), Randy Moss will be re-signed with the Patriots (don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise), Kris Jenkins got 5 years and 35 million dollars from the Jets, Shaun Rogers was dealt to Cincinatti for third and fifth round picks, Jerry Porter got 5 years and 30 mil from the Jaguars, and The Raiders are looking at Gibril Wilson. This makes me giggle; they have Michael Huff already. If they'd like to trade Huff, count us in!

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