Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mavs management relent to Cuban's impatience, condemn team to impending abysmality

stupid, Stupid. STUPID!
It's primarily a blessing to have an owner as committed to winning as Mark Cuban. He's incredibly involved, desperate to win, passionate to a fault. The third surfaced today.
According to innumerable reports, the Mavericks have traded (deep breath) Devin Harris, Jerry Stackhouse, DeSagana Diop, Devean George, Maurice Ager, and two first rounders to New Jersey in exchange for Jason Kidd, Malik Allen, Antoine Wright, and a second round selection.
My question is this: If Devin Harris doesn't get injured a week and a half ago, does this happen? I think not.
If the Mavs don't embarrass themselves in front of Philadelphia and Detroit, does this happen? I don't believe so.
And that's what irks me. This isn't a move done in the best interests of the team. Kidd isn't going to take the Mavericks over the top any more than Harris would. He's thirty-five, and even a physical freak like him declines at that advanced stage. Exceptions only occur with the inclusion of Brian McNamee into the picture. For this player, the Mavs dealt a rising star ten years younger and three members of their rotation (Although Stack will probably be back in a month)
. What's that? We also gave up any minute chance to add good young players in the next two years?
Freaking fantastic. Excuse me for not writing more, but I've got a Mark Cuban portrait to tear to shreds.

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