Monday, February 4, 2008

Weep, Massachusetts! Weep!

It's about time.
I'm not one to delight in the misery of others. We have enough sports sadness of our own in this city. But the residents of the greater New England region, and Boston in particular, simply had it coming.
We used to root for Boston's teams. The Red Sox were the lovable losers; always doing their best to usurp the mighty empire that was the Yankees, limping along in a sad parody of the once-great franchise that was the Celtics, winning unlikely games against unlikely teams. They Patriots who upended the Rams' paradisal year were truly fun to support.
No longer.
Amongst the crimes of the Patriots: Taunting last year's super bowl champions upon beating them in the regular season with completely baseless expletives, beating teams by thirty points just to prove a point, planning a championship parade, and trademarking 19-0 before the Super Bowl-and that only scratches the sharpest visible point of a veritable iceberg.
Their fans bought into the hype. I'd like to blame them, but I can't. As unquestioning followers, we react on emotion and instruction. When our team is pumped up, we follow their lead. Moreso based on the region we inhabit, and so especially relevant for obnoxious Northeastern fans, but this rule stands for everyone, everywhere.
The Pats had it coming to them. and for the first time ever, I went through a game cheering the improbable continued good fortunes of the New York Giants.
Incidentally, if it turns out that New England did film that Rams practice, Bellichick is going to be suspended for a full year. I kid you not, and neither does this site.

Man, what a game. And a reminder to us all: Don't tease the sports gods, or you're going to end up with more horror than heroism.

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