Thursday, February 28, 2008

Flozell Adams Skips out on Free Agency

Possibly the most outstanding unit on the Cowboys' roster last year? The offensive line.
3 pro-bowlers. A total of two player-games lost to injury. A substantial rushing attack and terrific pass protection for a quarterback who thrives like few others when given time. A few hours ago, Jerry Jones ponied up the cash to ensure that the unit would remain potent for the forseeable future, inking Flozell Adams to a deal reportedly worth 42 million (15 guaranteed) over six years. The figures look scary at first glance, but very few players finish out deals this big. I suspect that Flo will play at most four additional years, then either retire or get cut. The possibility that he retires a Cowboy is now great. Flo should be a contributor for as long as he plays here; his contract pretty much states as much. He'll only be getting that seven million a year if he's worth it. I like this signing. Can we afford ot make a big splash in free agency now? Nope. But we didn't need to, and frankly I'm not sure there is anyone out there worth the money that he will command.
In other news, Marion Barber got the highest tender (2.5 million) and Chris Canty the second highest (2 mil). A team will have to surrender its first and third round picks to sign Barber or its first to add Canty, and in either case the Cowboys have the opportunity to match the opposing offer and retain the player. I'd say there's the outside chance that someone (Seattle would be the frontrunner) takes Barber at that rate, but I wouldn't count on him nor Canty leaving. Tyson Thompson and Oliver Hoyte were released, Thompson for his ineptitude and Hoyte because of his disposable nature. Julius Jones hits free agency tonight, and he won't be back. So does Keith Davis. I'd like to see KD back here, but if he gets an offer for a starting job he won't be retained. The same goes for Nate Jones and Jacques Reeves.
It's good to talk football again! Hockey made me dozy.

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