Saturday, February 2, 2008

A New Hope

Smiling, dual-thumbs-up Mark Cuban represents everything we stand for in this town, and henceforth on this blog. If you're here for the first time, welcome. Let me give you a short thistory of Or's Sports Blog: I started this thing in May of '07, intending to cover transactions of every kind throughout sports and locales. At some point, however(And this is where the old-timers can pay attention again) I realized that I wasn't getting too much out of this format-frankly, I don't give a crap about the Charlotte Bobcats' draft strategy. Don't get me wrong, I'm stil fascinated and in love with all things involved with the practice of being a GM. But my dreams extend only to the teams I care about. And after giving it some thought, I decided that focusing upon the teams in general rather than giving my readers a concentrated assessment of the Rangers' search for a middle reliever was a much healthier route for my sanity and a more enjoyable one for those kind enough to grace my URL.

So basically, the theme of this blog is disappointment. That's not to say I've gone emo on you, I'm still as sane, rational and life-loving as always. It's simply an admission of reality; this town has given us more unfulfilled hope, more dreams falling right into our lap and crawling out while we daydreamed- than most of us could have imagined possible. The new name makes quite a bit more sense now, eh?
I've got to temper any presumed enthusiasm or headaches by stating that this will not be a daily event for me. I realize that some people grew disenchanted with this place, and that's very much my fault. I didn't post for a few months following the Cowboys-Patriots game. There's one basic reason for this: I bit off more than I could chew, and wasn't enjoying the process of blogging anymore. So I retreated to my various personas on other peoples' blogs, throwing in the occasional line-long reply to other peoples' posts. I'm back, baby. But I'd like this stint to enjoy a greater degree of permanence than my last one, so I'll be doing two posts a week if that. They will be polished posts, chock-full of whatever it is that made you people visit this site in the first place. I aim to please. But please, don't hold me to the expectations levied upon guys who do this for a living, or even the enormously devoted fans who run the SB Nation sites.

Thanks for dropping in. Do so often and you won't be disappointed.

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