Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sob, people of Dallas. The city weeps with you this day.

Today marks the anniversary of the fateful game 3 in last year's NBA finals. with 6 and a half minutes to go, the Mavericks seemed to be an unstoppable juggernaut, beating the hapless, derelict Heat down as if they were cardboard in the way of a jackhammer. Then Dwayne Wade went ballistic, Gary Payton got lucky, and Dirk missed a free throw. And the Mavericks never recovered.
It was supposed to all be OK, because the Mavericks had retained a degree of intensity and competitive spirit all throughout the regular season, posting the 5th most regular season wins IN HISTORY. Then 67 wins go right out the window as Don Nelson and his Warriors topple Goliath, launching two deadly pebbles right at the skull of the giant that ended up proving fatal (Baron Davis and Stephen Jackson, for those who didn't follow the analogy). This will go down as the playoff defeat in NBA History.
Now that's just basketball. Let us turn to the great game of football, the barbaric sport practiced nearly exclusively in our fair land. The Cowboys were riding first class on the gravy train and it was going full steam ahead. Led by the best young quarterback in the game who happens to date Carrie Underwood, they were simply rolling; making some think of Peter King's preseason prediction of them in the super bowl as prophetic. Romo played fairly well in his first playoff game, and was poised to win it. He came onto the field to perform one of his more trivial duties; that of holding the ball for the field goal kicker. Then he did something he'd never done before. Not even in practice.
He fumbled the snap.
(OK, lots of innuendo material right here, refrain from the puns)
Oh yeah. And the Rangers are the worst team in Major League Baseball. But at least firing Buck Showalter and hiring Ron Washington has made the clubhouse a happy place where players can frolic in the sunshine amidst blooming flowers and artificial rainbows!

Weep, metroplex area sports fans. For recent history has been brutal. But know that good times lay ahead. Because that's how it always works.
At least that's how it usually works. The Rangers are screwed no matter what they do.
Excuse today's unusually short entry, it was meant to be a forum reply to a despondent Cavs fan and... degenerated into me spewing venom and hatred for fate.
Good night.

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Anonymous said...

Such a shame that Dwayne wade had to bribe the refs.