Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Thoughts on the KG Situation

It's an exciting week for those avidly following the association, during a time when all of the games are... over for a while. Not only is there endless draft prep going on, but the usual speculation and rumors caused by hurt feelings and moody prima donnas is quite apparent. We all know about Kobe the Kantankerous Kreator of Kaos and his bipolarally reminiscent doings. And doubtless, most of you have heard the latet rumors involving Kevin Garnett and a flight to Hollywood.
I think this would be a mad move. For both teams.
What are the Lakers accomplishing? Here are the pros: Their superstar is happy again, and they get to pair him up with another of the top 10 players in basketball. The cons: They just got older. And they have nothing, absolutely NOTHING, to put around those two. If LA gives up Bynum, Cook, Odom, and a first rounder (as is rumored)The player of greatest import remaining on the roster would be...Kwame? Oh good lord help us. 2 players can't win a championship on their own, no matter how good. Even with dominant Shaq on the team, the Lakers needed players like Rick Fox and Robert Horry to put them over the top. And that was in a league with less top-end squads.
Minnesota? They're adding Odom, who is in no way a #1 guy. He takes a backseat, and there's no emerging superstar in sight. Bynum is an interesting young player, but nothing more. There are hundreds of projects flying around this league, and I really don't see the reason for the amount of value attributed to him. And the #19 pick? In this draft, that's a nice asset to have. But at best they'll grab a *good* starter, or take a wild swing at a guy like Sean Williams in hope he achieves his potential. (More on him tomorrow) They've taken a step forward toward rebuilding, but I think the most logical move would be to trade Odom as soon as they receive him. Get a good young player or a collection of picks. And if LA leaves out even one part of this deal, turn it down. Don't deal KG for the sake of dealing KG.

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