Tuesday, June 5, 2007

NBA Free Agency Crystal Ball, part 2

Hello again, and merry tuesday. My apologies for the delays during this past week, I got bogged down by various assignments. But no matter-let us proceed to the subject at hand.
#3:Rashard Lewis, SF,27,Sea. The common attribute between the best free agents available this year is the fact that they are all opting out of existing deals. Lewis could make 22 million dollars over the next two years, and as I stated in my article a short time ago, will probably not make much more elsewhere. But his slot on the squad will be filled by incoming superstar Kevin Durant. (For an in-depth analysis on the Lewis dilemma, see http://sportsdeals.blogspot.com/2007/05/rashard-lewis-is-desirable-somewhere.html)
Bottom line: Lewis will likely be resigned to a 4 or 5 year deal at 10-12 mil and traded to a team looking for that missing link. (My prediction at this point: Houston) There's an off chance that one of the teams with ample cap space goes after him, and a decision of that variety would make more sense for him than any of the other top guys, seeing as he is only 27. But i still don't see it happening.
For the sake of filling up space and adding a snazzy graphic, here is another widget. Speaking of widget, isn't that a great word? It somehow brings to mind a mallet while also being the sort of thing you'd call a pet hamster.
#4: Gerald Wallace, swingman, 25, Char. Wallace is virtually anonymous, shocking when you consider his accolades this past year. Indulge in his little e-card, if you would.
Keep in mind he's also widely regarded as a defensive force, and you have a Josh Howard clone here. Needless to say a 25 year old who plays all-out with success on both ends of the court should be a real commodity. I don't see Charlotte letting him go, but if they do the ensuing bidding war could be fierce-expect a max deal for five or six years.
#5: Mike Bibby, PG, 29,Sac. Bibby was once held in renown as one of the very best point guards in the NBA, and frankly I don't see why so many have leapt hastily off the bandwagon. The man didn't put up mind-boggling stats last year, but I attribute that to the fact that his team is woeful more than anything else. Bibby is a team player and one who has remained true to his skills and consistent throughout the entirety of his career. Perhaps I'm a bit biased in his favor based on the constant whippings he gave Stevie Nash in Mavs-Kings matchups in the days of old. But those games notwithstanding, I hold him in high regard. As little as they have behind him at the 1, I still expect the rebuilding Kings to allow him to walk and try to tread water with another young project. In this case, one of the cap-flexible teams should pull the trigger.
Alow me to present Mike Bibby dribbling on the open court.

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