Thursday, June 28, 2007

Or's NBA Mock Draft: 21-40.

I'm back!

21: Philadelphia: Rudy Fernandez
22: Charlotte: Derrick Byars
23: New York: Daequan Cook
24: Pheonix: Tiago Splitter
25: Utah: Wilson Chandler
26: Houston: Jared Dudley
27: Detroit: Nick Fazekas
28: San Antonio: Aaron Afflalo
29: Phoenix: Marc Gasol
30: Philadelphia: Josh McRoberts
31: Seattle: Morris Almond
32: Boston: Stanko Barac
33: San Antonio: Petteri Kopponen
34: Dallas: Gabe Pruitt
35: Seattle: Aaron Brooks
36: Golden State: Glen Davis
37: Portland: Alando Tucker
38: Philadelphia: Aaron Gray
39: Miami: Ramon Sessions
40: LAL: Taurean Green

You're good to go! The draft board is assembled as completely as I can possibly come close to pretending to be able to do it. Tune in to Norm at 6 (Or even better, visit him at Dave and Buster's) to witness what should be a flood of new drops and a plethora of retreads.

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aaron said...

Or..... very nicely done!