Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jon Daniels gets Re-upped

Let me prelude today's piece by stating that I listened to Norm today. And if you, the reader, did the same, you will think that I am simply copying and pasting his audio into HTML format.
But bear with me here- I promise, no dad jokes today.
Daniels hasn't delivered this team to the promised land yet. He came herladed with tons of hype and endless optimism-but then again, Tom Hicks could have announced that I was taking over the team and recieved applause at that point, because the bottom line was that it resulted in the dismissal of local whipping boy John Hart. Daniels has exhibited a lot of the traits Hart seemed to lack: A willingness to make the big, risky transaction, the ability to add to a competitive squad during the middle of the season, and an openness with the general populace. But his reign has been marred with disasters like the Soriano deal and legendary debacles like the Young+Gonzalez switcheroo.
Nevertheless, I was very happy with the announcement of JD's extension. It's only one moer year, aye. But it gives Daniels the breath of fresh air he needed. He can no longer be leveraged against to make a deal he may not fully believe in for the sake of retaining his job, and may be content to sit on his assets rather than spending wildly (ala Caminiti, Galaragga, Chan Ho, Juando, Todd Van Poppel... and on and on). This is a wise decision because it keeps the club's future in mind, not the immediacy of reckless spending aimed toward motivating fans to purchase more tickets and Coors Lights.
In adddition, it brings stability to the organization. This is a very important facet in any management body, as is clearly evidenced by the Rangers' complete lack of ability to develop their own talent. Most attribute it to the fact that there's a new scouting director every year, and I really can't blame them. Consistency is key. Let Daniels learn on the job, and perhaps he can become your Dombrowski, your Minaya, your 90's Indians era Hart. Leave him hanging, and you are sacrificing your club's success. Plain and simple. Unless his performance has been consistency and unmitigatedly awful, keep the man around.
This uncharacteristic endorsement of actions committed by the Texas Rangers Baseball Association is not in fact a gesture of approval, nor a plea to the reader to purchase more of said vouchers or beverages whilst watching the product on the field. The writers and/or producers of this article share an opinion independent of Major League Baseball, inc. and its affiliates.
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