Monday, July 30, 2007

The woes of Kevin Garnett

There are some subjects that I've spoken of ad nauseum. The large man whose eyes appear prepared to consume your soul is one of them. I'm a big fan of KG- It's not hard to be. He's a singular offensive talent who would be the top defender in a majority of the NBA's franchises. He's been nothing if not a class act with the otherwise pathetic Timberwolves franchise, and has done nothing that leads to suspicion of wrongdoing of any kind (Although the fact that this is worth mentioning may be more a denouncement on the everyday athlete than an endorsement for Garnett).
On the list of great athletes cast in a perpetual state of mediocrity and defeat, Garnett is first and foremost. He's shown a peerless devotion to the franchise that initially chose him, and this has been largely to his own detriment. While he could have sought a trade on many occasions, KG has remained steadfast and loyal throughout.
Until the situation became altogether desperate.
Minnesota is just... bad. Going to a Timberwolves game is like watching a Tom Cruise film. Whether justifiably or not, the main attraction commands so much of the attention that it becomes a 1-man show. In reality, though, the only other similarity between the two is the irreparable damage they can cause to one's ability to ever enjoy a similar performance. Because while Cruise is an over-hyped pretty boy who caught a few lucky breaks with superior talent surrounding him, Garnett is a legitimate superstar in his field surrounded by an abundance of poopoo and a lamentable lack of diamonds.
According to reports, the Celtics are close to a deal that would grant them the 10-time allstar. The likely deal would have them giving up Al Jefferson, Rajon Rondo, salary hog Theo Ratliff, and likely Gerald Green and some first rounders.
The logical question is then: "Why, Or, are you declaring despair and angst for the superstar power forward? He'll be joining two legit stars in Paul Pierce and Ray Allen in what should be a dynamic offensive threesome. Adding to the good tidings: Boston is in that region of the continent we like to refer to as the 'East'. Competition is tough to come by, as evidenced by their branch of the playoffs during this past year.
I'm unhappy for KG because he's joining Paul Pierce, who never learned to share. I'm unhappy for KG because he will be the only worthwhile defensive player on the squad. I'm unhappy for KG because tensions will likely run high with clashing personalities, and because I can't see any depth whatsoever left on that team.
I think that the Celtics are now prime contenders for a home court slot in the first round of the playoffs. This is a big step up not only for the franchise that finished with the second-worst record in the league, but for the superstar possibly joining it whose team had a decently placed lottery pick. But the Celtics could easily implode before getting anywhere worth mentioning in the playoffs. And when that happens, what happens to Kevin Garnett?
I feel sorry for you, Kevin. I truly do. Because you don't deserve a situation this laden with calamity. Bring on the scoffing- although I do realize that he gets compensated quite well for his suffering. But all basketball players do. And a player whose career has followed an eerily similar path with a different franchise is attending teammates' weddings in France with four championship rings and a reputation for excellence that has eluded KG due t extenuating to circumstances.

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