Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Belated News Flash: Rashard Lewis is (a?) Magic!

I can't say I expected it. But Orlando has walked away with the highly coveted point forward, after inking him to a deal that could reportedly be worth as much as 90 million dollars over six years. If I have my facts straight, (Don't hold me to it) Orlando needs to work a sign and trade to sign him for the full6 year extent. Otherwise, they'd need to settle for 5.
My thoughts? Orlando is overpaying, no question. But they've also made themselves instant contenders, and pairing young Dwight with Lewis forms an almost perfectly transient inside-outside game. I'm fairly certain that the reason Lewis was taken over-for instance- Vince Carter, is his age. 'Shard is still only twenty eight years of age, Carter is in his thirties. The Magic is/are a young team and do/does not wish to change that.
Impact on others: Obviously, the Magi(c)(s) just got a major offensive upgrade. Resigning Darko seems unlikely, and he could become the newest in a series of Laker offseason posterboys turned failed experiments! Yay!

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