Friday, July 20, 2007

KG Alert and other NBA News You can use

Kurt Thomas goes to Seattle. Gee, what could possibly make the Sonics want a man who scores less points per game than he gets paid?
TWO future Phoenix first rounders helped in making the deal attractive.
Normally, this would raise worries on Phoenix's desperation to elude luxury tax hell, heralding complaints from numerous media luminaries about the ownership's lack of commitment. But not this time.
In dumping Thomas, the Suns have acquired a valuable trade exception worth the full 9 million dollars of Thomas' contract. And in this case, there's no question for 20 questions. Their next target is very apparent.
The charismatic, dynamic, singular, forward who is the definition of a superstar mired in mediocrity: Kevin Garnett.
Early indications on the once-promising Minn-Phoe trade front were promising, with KG publicly campaigning for a move to Arizona. For whatever reason, initial talks broke down. With these new developments, I believe that Phoenix has vaulted solidly into the forefront of the race. For all I know, It's even possible that they've got a deal predetermined with Minnesota based on the Thomas deal's finalization. Very resourceful of Phoenix to find other avenues to improve their ballclub, but this creativity could lead to their long-term downfall. Dealing two first rounders for technically NOTHING is worrisome at the least.
And in other implications, Seattle just got two unconditional first rounders completely free. Good god, It's great to be below the salary cap.

Steve Francis is a Houston Rocket again. It's a great story and all, but did miss the press release stating that the league would be using three Spaldings on the court instead of one?
Let me get this right... T-Mac requires that the offense run through him. Yao requires that the offense run through him. Steve Francis likes to pretend that he's in charge of all the other little dribblers on the court. So how in Morgan Freeman's name is that offense going to work? yeah, I realize he's a weapon. This weapon's barrel, however, may be pointing the wrong way.
Have a great weekend.
By the way, I condone the going-after of Mickael Pietrus.
Go Mavericks.

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