Monday, July 2, 2007

Message to Rangers Brass: Stick to the Plan.

Rangers fans are finally feeling good about their team.
The Rangers from Arlington just completed [gasp] a winning month of June. They trounced the national league, to the dismissal of the critics, and proceeded to hold their own against such sizable opposition as the Scarlet Sox and Felines from Motown.
All without Mark Teixeira and Hank Blalock.
It's fairly mystifying. Some attribute it to the dark-cloud philosophy, the same one that was applicable for the turnaround following the A-Rod departure. However, I don't know if this is the case. I don't know the man well, neither do I know anyone who does. But he does not seem like a person who is distinctly unpleasant to be around. A bit high strung, perhaps, but not someone you can't handle having on your team. Looking back, however, isn't that what we all said about A-Rod?
But my message to the Rangers is this. I love the fact that Kam Loe has caught fire. I am giddy every time Eric Gagne comes slowly jogging out of the bullpen. And Marlon Byrd, of all people, has caused me to have confidence in a member of the Ranger outfield. But don't buy into it. The Rangers are not contenders. Fact, truth, end of story. They're going through a solid stretch of the year just as we all knew they would. It's inevitable for all teams, as is the inevitable knee jerking that occurs whenever a streak occurs. But the Rangers need to stay the course. You were planning to be sellers this season? Adhere to that. If you can get Felix Pie for Eric Gagne, pull the trigger. If you're offered James Loney and 2 mid-level young pitchers for Tex, do it. This team needs to build for the trigger. We all talked about how pivotal this draft will become, and if that is the case ALLOW IT TO HAVE AN IMPACT. Don't allocate all of your resources toward quick contention when you know your next big influx of talent might be three years away.

Quick Notes: As I stated earlier, I love me some Kameron Loe. The fact that he's finally pitching like many thought he could warms my heart. But the realistic cynic in me tells me that he might just be going through Ryan Drese syndrome: A sinkerballer without overwhelming stuff does great for a little while, then his production begins to decline as the league catches on to the fact that an 88 mph four-seamer with no movement Isn't difficult to bash.
Of course, I'm chided by my better half, who states the all-applicable proverb: "You could use some baseball."

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