Friday, August 3, 2007

Mavericks sign Eddie Jones

Does that photo haunt you? That mysterious veteran bench contributor clad in black and red? Get used to seeing his face, albeit in friendlier garb.
Per the DMN, the 13-year veteran has agreed to a 2-year term of service. He will be paid 1.83 million during the first go-around.
This signing was one anticipated by many. It simply made sense for both sides; The Mavericks, once known as a team of jump shooters, were in dire need of one to come off the bench while providing decent play on the other end of the court. Jones has made his money, and is now searching for jewelry at the tender age of 35.
One may look at the Maverick stockpile of rotating 'swingmen' and regard this move with confusion. There is quite a quantity of prepared contributors at the two relevant positions, so why bring in an aging shooting guard way past his prime? Because they all fill the same role. Inconsistent scorers if at all, 'gritty', fairly good defensively. Jones is by no means a spring chicken, and he's not the all-NBA defensive player he once was. He's not a 20ppg scorer as was true in the late 90's. But Eddie Jones still brings a substantial amount to the table. The man's a capable scorer and a good passer, as demonstrated by his play after the injury of everyone's Least Favorite Flopper Dwayne Wade. And his defensive play is adequate, he's no embarrassment.
I don't expect the newest Maverick acquisition to play significant minutes, he'll get 15 at the most. But he'll be the ranking sparkplug behind Stack, providing instant offense from behind the arc when necessary. Because beyond Dirk and the Jet, there really is nobody on this team truly trustworthy when it comes to lobbing up 3s.
Now you can add a 35-year old swingman to this select group. For 1.8 million dollars, such an acquisition is a steal.

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